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Well, we don't either! And yet, believe us, we really investigated!

So in 2022, let's stop giving in to the notion of "recycling" presented as a miracle solution while we know all too well its  limits.

We are proposing to really reduce your event waste in the following way: at the end of your trade shows, conferences, incentives, parties, etc., don't throw away your carpets, printed banners, fabrics, roll-ups and other printed materials but give them to us to make your future goodies!

We manufacture all of our items in France, in establishments employing people with disabilities.


At this stage, you say to yourself ok but, does it cost more? 

YES, it is more expensive than goodies made of the other side of the world!

Why? Mainly for two reasons:

 1/ The country of manufacture. Low cost goodies are made in countries where the laws do not protect the people or the environment enough, which is fortunately not the case in France.

2/ The material. Our materials are actually yours :-) yet they have an important cost of treatment: to collect them, wash them, store them, cut them etc….

Don't they say that each new year starts with positive resolutions? GreenBee could well be yours this year! We're waiting for you!


GreenBee Event Upcycling is a non-profit organisation based in Cannes that works to reduce waste related to the event industry.

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