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Did you know?

The trade-shows that take place at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes generate an impressive 1500 tonnes of waste per year.  The waste is varied: wood and plastics being the most obvious but you’ll also find bio-waste from restaurants and even scrap metals.

To date, although the Palais des Festivals efficiently organises the waste recycling, the environmental impact of this recycling remains high due to the pollution caused by the industrial processes of recycling and the actual transportation of this waste at each stage.

Through the GreenBeeTemporary Shop project, we are aiming to reduce this 1500 tonnes by looking at reusing show waste where necessary.  Our idea is simple:  connecting the exhibitors and participants of trade-shows held in Cannes with the associations and businesses of the area and help create a second life out of stand waste that would usually be thrown away after the show.


GreenBee has created this online platform where each booth builder lists the elements of his booth that he plans to throw away after a trade show.

Each element is then put on sale in our shop.

The removal of the elements is done after the dismantling of the shows,

in  pre-defined time slots.


Coming soon...

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