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GreenBee Creations

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At GreenBee, we are proud to overcycle event waste and create new,

unique and meaningful products!


There are no small actions when there are 7 billion of us doing them, what do you think?


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In 2013, iconic British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood was on the Palais des Festivals stage claiming that her clothes had a story to tell.

"Buy Less, Choose Well and Make It Last" she said addressing the environmental issues of the fashion industry.


Sounds like a good philosophy to live by so how do we do it? How do we inspire ourselves from Vivienne’s wise words?  How do we reduce our environmental footprint?

At GreenBee, we are not fashion designers, we are event organisers and stand builders and we decided to avoid one-shot use and give a second life to plastic material doomed for the trash.

As event professionals, we lay carpets, we sew curtains and fit ceilings, we build walls and all sorts of custom furniture, we set it all up and after a few days, we trash it all. Of course, a portion is recycled but we still favour these other words of wisdom: "the best waste is none at all"

So, in 2019, we laid, we sewed, we built, we set up and once the shows were over, we decided to do something with all the waste. From this year, we also partnered with a local social entity employing disabled persons who help us manufacture all items.

And here they are: casual bags made from printed pvc banners, laptop cases made from carpet cut-outs, small wire bags made from wood effect pvc flooring and fancy tote bags made from digitally printed pvc fabric.

We now want to offer all these items to every delegates in Cannes - items that were born because of them and will hopefully live again thanks to them.

We are happy to initiate a more virtuous circle and give delegates the unique opportunity of completing the circle by having a direct impact in avoid trashing what they generated. On top of this, if they “choose well and make it last”, they will also avoid extracting new fossil resources from the environment.

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