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Carbon Footprint

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As we all know today, each activity generates a quantity of Green House Gases (GHG - mainly C02 emissions) considered the primary reason for global warming.

We believe that all companies should understand and measure their environmental impact and, as professionals of the event industry, trained by the ADEME (French Agency for Environment and Energy Mastering) and its recognised Bilan Carbone® method, we propose to work on this climate strategy.


The Bilan Carbone® auditing calculates the Green House Gases created by a stand or an event project.

It also present a complete picture and monitoring over time of the emissions. 


For example, in practical terms, for a stand project, we analyse:

- The materials composing the stand - flooring, walls, furniture, lighting, electricity, graphics etc.

- The life of the stand - build, set up/dismantle, life during the show and end of life (trashing/recycling or storing)

- The transportation of materials and staff 


The carbon auditing we provide is the beginning of a process which will allow you to target the most important items (emissions hot spots) that you can act on. Suggested reduction actions are always considered with their implementation and working costs.


Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting is defined as an action that consists of financing GHG emission reductions or GHG sequestration equivalent to the residual emissions of an organization, company or territory. This financing of projects known as carbon offsetting is done by acquiring emission reductions, also called carbon credits.

Carbon offsetting plays an important role in the fight against climate change however Carbon offsetting must be associated with the drastic reduction of GHG emissions; indeed, it should in no way replace efforts to reduce one's own emissions.

When we finalise the carbon audit, we will be able to recommend recognised and labeled carbon offset operators to you.



For more information, do not hesitate to contact us!

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